In Northumbria Police we have clear priorities to focus our work; having Engaged Communities, Protecting the Vulnerable, delivering Effective Justice, using Intelligent Policing, creating an Outstanding Organisation, and acting to Prevent Crime and Disorder. As an organisation, we are committed to delivering all of these priorities to our communities in the North East.

Engaging with our Communities sits at the heart of Neighbourhood Policing and allows us to understand and listen to your concerns. This is about connecting with all of our communities, listening to your concerns and tackling those issues.

Northumbria Connected will allow you to sign up to a system that we use to communicate with you based on the issues you want to know about. You will receive updates on the topics that interest you like policing and not on those that do not.

We will use the inbuilt survey tools so that you can tell us what really impacts you in your community. This information can then help to shape what Neighbourhood Policing in your community looks like. Once we have acted on the issues you raise we can then clearly communicate this back to you using the method you chose at sign up.

Northumbria Connected is your way to help us focus on what is needed in your community.