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North Marine Park

Northumbria Police Officers were out in force on Saturday 13th of January 2024, in response to the ongoing Anti-Social Behaviour that has been occurring in North Marine Park.

Officers deployed down to the bowling green area of the park early doors in a large police carrier in company with South Tyneside Community Business Responder Team to deter youths from gathering and causing disorder. This caused upset for those youths that did show up as they had nowhere to go.

Later that evening authorisation was given to officers by the duty inspector to Stop and Search anyone suspected of causing disorder or carrying offensive weapons within the areas of both North Marine, South Marine Park and the Seafront. This authorisation was given under S.60 of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994, Alongside this the Duty Inspector also authorised a dispersal zone with powers of arrest for the same area, so any youths handed a dispersal notice would not be able to return to the area for 48hrs.

South Shields Neighbourhood Team alongside Jarrow and Hebburn Neighbourhood Team and The Motorcycle Disorder Team all attended the area and began the process of apprehending any offending youths. The Motorcycle disorder team also attended with some new toys DNA Spray, and a long lens camera, so those that got away can be identified at a later date. 

In total six youths were stop and searched under the above powers and one was found in possession of cannabis, interviewed at the scene and a file will be prepared for court.

In total three dispersal notices were recorded preventing offending youths from returning to the area for 48hrs.

Keep an eye out in the coming weeks as Northumbria Police will be conducting further multi-team and agency days of action to put a stop to the anti-social behaviour in North Marine Park that is causing a blight to the local community.

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