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OPERATION INHIBIT - Anti-Social Behaviour

North Northumberland Neighbourhood Teams at Berwick, Alnwick and Morpeth have launched Operation INHIBIT over the Summer which seeks to address those Anti-Social Behaviour issues which cause you the most concern.   

Anti-social behaviour is a broad term used to describe the day-to-day incidents of low level crime, nuisance and disorder that make many people's lives a misery.

This can include, but is not limited to nuisance behaviour, intimidation and harassment, vehicle related nuisance and street drinking.

The Northumbria Police recognises that anti-social behaviour can have a detrimental impact on the quality of life of those in the community and we work in partnership with Northumberland County Council, housing and other agencies to deal with it.

Safer Communities Survey December 2021 reported the youth ASB as the greatest concern, including    youths hanging around, drinking alcohol, causing damage and being abusive towards other residents. 

Speeding was the most frequent road safety concern highlighted by residents particularly around schools and children out playing.

Other road safety concerns noted by residents included: inconsiderate parking, the volume and congestion of traffic and the use of off-road bikes.

Other irritants reported were issues such as litter, fly tipping and dog fouling

The chart below shows the top ten public priorities for Northumberland in descending order, along with the score for each priority*:

If you are the victim of ASB or have witnessed any non-emergency incident occurring within the Northumbria Police area use our online reporting or call 101 or 

Report via Northumberland Council website Northumberland County Council - Neighbourhood problems


If it is an EMERGENCY call 999


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