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Courier Fraud

Please be aware- we are seeing an increase in courier type frauds. Please make yourself familiar with the advice in the link at the bottom of this message and look out for family, friends and neighbours. Lots of these offences are being prevented by concerned individuals and include potential victims recognising the signs. If you suspect this is happening, please ask questions. One recent case saw a taxi driver contact police after hearing an elderly passenger receive suspicious instructions over the phone while in his car driving to a bank. Another saw a bank teller intervene when a customer wanted to withdraw large sums of money to send to a fraudster. 

Northumbria police and partners have had several good results following information being reported. Reports like this have on occasion helped police to intercept couriers as they arrive at victims’ houses though surveillance. The same information has also helped us identify intended victims through analysing telephone call data. Often a phone number used by the offenders will be calling numerous other victims at the same time- so if we know who is being contacted, we can get ahead of the offenders and safeguard other potential victims.

Please use the following link to find out more information and to report any information in relation to make any reports: Courier scam | Action Fraud


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